Friday, December 16, 2005

Creeping Crud

See item 1.

I've had a low-grade foulness in my throat and sinuses the last few days which has- on a sunny, near 50-degree day when the Transit Union decided not to strike (for now)- turned slightly damp and feverish. Drat.

1) I first heard about these from La Belle Noelle, but the website she directed me to is crashing. So I surfed around, and Lo-and-Behold, it's a hot trend! Now that I've thrown away Carroty Nubblington, how I wish I had a Tampon Angel to cheer me through my ague.

2) I first commented on the rediscovery of the once-thought extinct Ivory-Billed Woodpecker in April and updated in August. Follow-up continues to trickle in. A special modified and dyed Mohawk haircut is now available in Brinkley, Arkansas, as well as woodpecker plates, cups, ornaments, a commemorative burger, and T-shirts asking if you've "Got Pecker?" But they're still waiting for the sharp photo or solid nest location that will "bust this town open."

3) The Straight Dope covers the concept of the diplomatic pouch. Kidnapped people have fit inside, and the Soviets even tried to declare a nine-ton tractor trailer a diplomatic bag.

4) When you need to tell someone you've given them an STD, what's more thoughtful than a nice card?

5) Why I hate price fixing: Subsidizing Big Sugar in America may eventually drive candymakers overseas. If Hershey, Pennsylvania becomes Hershey, Kuala Lumpur, I'll be bummed. I'll never make it to a chocolate spa that far away.

6) Okay, I was wrong. Don't lock your car.

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