Sunday, August 28, 2005

Slush Pile Horrors and More

I abuse your patience, I'm sorry. Here's a pile of linky-linkies, but I warn you, it's somewhat bookcentric in keeping with my current OCD-like focus.

1) In updates to the contentious ivory-billed woodpecker story which I posted upon first here, the discovering ornithologist was called crazy and peer journals refused to credit the bird's existence until enough other citings came in. Well, they have- sort of, but enough for government work. It Lives!

2) Kids are going artless in California. As the Education Wonks point out, while these positions are eliminated, what we never seem to see fewer of are administrators.

3) Salon will make you watch an ad to earn access to this article, but it's worth it. After you watch the ad, click the link again and you'll be able to read the Confessions of a Slush Pile Reader. Learn the truth about the transom and the masses who send their heaps. I learned about this article from the more easily accessed blog of Agent 007 who has her own revelations about the Secret Lives of Editorial Assistants.

4) Jonathan Karp, who I saw speak in March as a senior editor for Random House, has jumped ship and joined a new imprint. Warner Twelve will release only one book per month to devote intense attention and budget to its success.

5) This free WSJ article mentions the many politicians who've dabbled in novel authorship. What's the difference between jobs when you're lying for a living?

6) The Pencil Revolution is blogging devoted to the devalued, unsung glories of the lead. The reviews are serious and comprehensive. It makes me long for cedar shavings and scribbles. (hat tip: Drawn!)

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