Saturday, January 02, 2010

Today's a Palindrome

Dig that and ponder, if you will.


Friday, January 01, 2010

Quit Hitting Snooze After a Year and a Half

And I'm back!

Of all the things I hadn't expected to do in a blue moon (which occurred last night on New Year's Eve, by the way) returning to this relatively antique blog ranks right up there. However, I'm herewith using this blog purely as a place to offload mental miscellania and stuff that's too darn fringe-y for elsewhere. (I guess it wasn't ever any different.) Enjoy it, weirdo string-searchers and provocation-lovers, if you will.

I'm going with a new monikker, Rusty Hinge, because I feel like it, and it sounds way jive-ass in that Vegas-y Brylcreamed DJ way, and because I still believe, as one Fanny Someone originally wrote, that "little things are the hinges of the universe." Clive Barker, in The Great and Secret Show, wrote about a nobody who began working at a dead letter office and there deciphered the barely-detectable flow of all-things, allowing him to become a spectacularly powerful monster. Should you become one through exposure to SoS, send a funny e-postcard. The kind with giant squirrels driving logging trucks, that sort of thing.

Here's a WSJ story about quantum physics and the newest philosophical and encryption applications for "spooky action" at a distance, not because it's so new, but simply to plant a guidepost. The hidden (or occult, strictly defined) and mathematically-theorized overlap and point toward some of my favorite bubbling fever swamps, which are, I believe, where the action is. Also, from the Daily Mail and intrepid wildlife photographer Kim Taylor, here's a captured reflection of bat tongue. That's what's up. Splendid 2010 to you!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Morsel of Astound

Thanks to Noelle in Michigan for this astounding story which screams for wider attention. It is an amazement and a delight to all. Savor please.

Man in Wheelchair Takes Ride on Semi's Grill. Hell-to-the-yeah, he's a Pepper, too.

"The driver did not believe them until he stepped out of the truck and saw the man still sitting in his wheel chair."

Now that I think about it, I've heard this one somewhere before, only the guy had a hook on his hand.