Friday, January 26, 2007

Dunking's Too Retro and Exhausting!

And think of what we'll save on redundant neon!

So, this lazy bastage still hasn't set up the new blog home page and referred over to it, but it's still happening. In geological time, you won't be able to sense any delay. Although, now Blogger's dangling a new template change which will wipe out my current look but offer better editing, they say. We shall see. Got less to lose now that I'm unenchanted.

However, I couldn't wait for a new or improved blog home to post the most important scientific development ever! You know I love the medicine, the gadgetry, the transports, and GPS. I likee this modern world of advancements so beyond or beside my core areas of expertise that they Do look like magic- thanks, Asimov. But, despite the saturation of hype, it is rare that an innovation arrives with the true greatness of the "sliced bread" category. Sandwich slices are so simple and elegant, yet it took 20th century machining to make them possible for John and Joanie Q. Public. Now, the wonders of cutting-edge molecular massage and Dr. Bohannon- may his name live in legend- birth an elegantly simple and transformative new necessity:

The Caffeinated Donut.

(Yes, I pasted up some HTML backstage, because I couldn't take the ugly links anymore. No, I won't make a habit of it. Too much like welcoming my ant overlords and volunteering to toil in the sugar caves.)

Anyhoo, let us hope one of the fine mass pastry purveyors steps boldly into the glorious future of breakfast and road food. I'm going to scroll up Donald Fagan's New Frontier on my iPod and dance around the dome in me rocket suit, lads.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Magic 8 Ball Says Migration Time

I have a few things I'd like to post about, but I can't stand the ongoing and absolute lack of response to, even acknowledgement of, the amputation of my Compose mode which forces me to deal in HTML code or nothing. I hope to get this thing switched over to a friendlier domain next week- at least getting the home page redirected- if the archives won't be transferred yet. In the meantime, I thought I'd provide a fact of the day about the Magic 8 Ball from (don't even hope for a live link, look it up, I'm limited here).

"The Magic 8-Ball, invented in 1946 by Abe Bookman of the Alabe Toy Company, is a novelty version of the crystal ball. It is a hard black plastic sphere, the size of a small grapefruit, which reveals answers to life's most perplexing issues when it is turned upside-down. The answers are on a white plastic die made in the shape of an icosahedron and floating in a blue liquid. Of the twenty possible answers, ten are positive, five negative, and five neutral. The name of the novelty comes from its resemblance to the ball used in pool and billiards."

I also learned (disclaimer: dubiously) from Wikipedia that it isn't necessary to shake it to get a new answer, as was my habit just like shaking Polaroids, baby. Wiki has the list of the twenty answers and also go there for a list of media appearances by the Magic 8 Ball on screens everywhere, big and small.

Does the current blogging situation blow? It is decidedly so.
Will 2007 bring offerings enhanced in coolness and vim? Signs point to yes

Got the picture here:

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Still TRYING- NO Help Forthcoming

I can easily post this pic, but not link to where I got it, but it's an all Russian language site, so maybe no big deal.

OKay- Now that Blogger Beta (to which I will remind you I was extremely reluctant to migrate) is now simply Blogger and not working right, I'm experiencing the unparalleled service I have every right to expect with a free product. Since it's been free for me to use, I try not to strain the system and not to ask too much or complain too loud. However, this is a new low in non-functionality.

The posting window I'm using here doesn't have my usual set of easy, WYSIWYG controls. No, this beast digests raw HTML which I'm lousy at writing. I could go into my old posts and do the copying and pasting of the appropriate code for alignments and fonts and links, but I don't want the hassle or to have to become an HTML hexpert. Due to some of my background projects in the works, I may be able (very soon) to point this blog from Blogger to a different platform- another one of my strange fruits- that won't be any worse. At this moment, it would have to be much better.

For the record, I went through all the Help files and then to Google's moderated Blogger forums, and while 5 or 6 other users Amened my post saying they'd seen the same thing, no one authoritative, so to speak, has replied with any useful advice. I'm having the problem on multiple browsers, both PC and Mac. The situation makes for ugly, link-poor posts filled with my whining. I'll be addressing the fixes this week and next, but I apologize now. I just knew the new Blogger would implode somehow. Boom.

Friday, January 05, 2007

National Bird Day

I can't seem to post anything but raw text and pictures (still no links yet or easy formatting) in the new version of Blogger, so you'll get this uncredited picture of other eager birders while I'm trying to get my functionality back. You can look up the "holiday" to your own satisfaction. Cheep. Cheep.

However, many new online offerings are in the clockworks behind my lazy posting. As I said in reply to a post on another site, this blog will eventually be but one strange fruit on a kaleidoscopically varied tree. So there.