Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Sweet Smell of Success

Before Finishing MS

I couldn't post until I was done, but now I am. As we speak, respected fellow authors are checking the new pages for crappiness. I'll delouse as possible next week and send it out.

I will be taking a mini-vacay starting tomorrow, and I'm going to see the ponies, so there's some method to the racing on my brain recently.

But the Before photo also has a tie-in. Unfortunately, Don Knotts isn't well enough to attend the upcoming festivities in his honor in Morgantown, VA. That is sad news, but considering I mistakenly had assumed he'd passed on, this reminder of his sparkling existence and his immortal work made me happy. If you need more Knotts, try the shrine at World of Cheese.

In other happy news, Newsweek noticed me! Sort of. (See the 7th on this list) They've added new blog-friendly features, including lists of recent blogging on their articles, and it even links to Technorati tracking- which is wrong as usual. Rereading my post, it isn't too bad if some of the verbiage is clunkier than necessary. But if Newsweek thinks this is going to encourage online conversations about their articles and linking to them rather than other sources for similar stories... well, it will. Get my CFMs, I'm becoming a link whore!

In other tweaky word news, here's a blog dedicated to the widespread abuse of the word Literally.

I want robots with excellent penmanship, vacuuming trunk noses, squeegee feet, and little fridges in their bellies. The Japanese like theirs all creepy androidy.

Have a great weekend. If I'm somewhere postable, I'll do it as lamely as usual. But otherwise, as it seems the NH/Aruba search traffic has finally dwindled, my intimate cadre of readership won't mind, will you?

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Anonymous said...

I was laughing out loud at the title "Sweet smell of success" and then the pic of Don Knotts. It's not a huge association in my mind. But I guess like anything it is all perception.