Tuesday, August 30, 2005

When you look up Yea!

The Manuscript Is Done!!!!!

As of 4:48 pm. The extra exclamation points show the extra loopy I went.

Looking for an appropriately celebratory image on Google, I typed in Yea! and found among other things:

gay pride hammock shots, tote bags, sorority girls,
golf swings, conventioneers, knitting wool, boomerangs,
mayors, bulldogs, Venzuela, Australia,
kayaks, canker sores, dairy cows and Hilary Swank.

...also Ford Prefect and a bit of amateur smut.

In the path of Hurricane Katrina, things are not yayriffic at the moment, but maybe that's why I found it so nice to see all things everyday that make you say Yea!

And of course, to commemorate the completion of a second book- this one taking a year and a half instead of three- I'm celebrating with the Yea! that only robots can say. (Nigel Conway)

I'm headed to a mystery convention tomorrow, but my fabulous lodgings have internet, so posting will happen. I hated neglecting you. Let's never do it again. Until whenever.


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Whoooooooooo!! Baby!!!YAAAAHHHHYYYY!! You rock out with your sock out!