Monday, August 01, 2005

Porcutragic Writer Hoist Upon Own Quills

Well, I feel as if I've been kissing Spiny Norman, at least existentially speaking. Hat tip to April for the pic and story of a bull terrier who tangled with a porcupine and wouldn't let go. Fret not, the dog will recover. I hope to as well. I can't post much, since upon the next three days' efforts ride success or ignominy. At the moment, ignominy is running three lengths back, but I'd like a wider margin than that into the last straightaway.

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April said...

Ignominy has bowed a tendon. Blown it right out! So Sucess has no choice but to suceed! thanks so much for your hat tippings and shout outs...all I do is scan the web, LOL! April