Monday, August 08, 2005

You'll Never Make it as a Star-Effer in This Town

I'm back from my trip, and had a fantastic time. I do, however, feel physically odd, have manuscript revisions to tackle, and surprisingly little to say for myself. So, I count myself lucky a something worth noting found me in the elevator today. Actually, I should say a notable someone: John Turturro. I looked for an online picture that captured him as the casually well-dressed and groomed New Yorker I saw today, but none satisfied, so here's a photo from one of my very favorite flicks to which he contributed, O Brother Where Art Thou? Apparently, he has recently finished directing a musical film he wrote to be released sometime in 2005 called Romance & Cigarettes .

This was not the first time I've been in the presence of a person whose identity I well knew but who didn't know me. Usually, I ignore them out of reticence on my part or consideration for their privacy. Sometimes, it's merely because of an unwillingness on my part to submit when they're trying hard to be noticed. It would be unthinkably rude to confess any ugly truths of my opinions, especially since they haven't seen enough of my self-professed talent to fire back insults in kind. I also admit being disinclined to craft polite falsehoods. Therefore, mostly I forestall engaging the well-known in even one-sided discussion.

However, John Turturro is an actor for whom my praise is lavish and sincere. But during our too-long and too-warm trip in the falling metal box, I had time to weigh the pleasantness of fulsome compliments from a stranger versus peace in coming and going as one pleases. Perhaps since I'm a hermetic sociopath, I placed the premium on being left alone. Mr. Turturro, if you would prefer the soft soap, let me know for next time.


Anonymous said...

Neato. Glad you didn't runnoft with him.

Mr. Henway

April said...

Yeah, gosh, what a good movie, and what a great actor.

when confronted with greatness, I never know what to say, so I just shut up. I used to work a job where I was confronted with greatness almost every day...and I never could think of anything to say, so I was known as the office mute.

Until Peter Gabriel and his band came in..then I was all chatta! Oh, and Bryan Ferry, too. Chatta, chatta, chatta. 6 foot plus and oozing could a girl not say nothin!

Mrs. Henway is True Blue, Mr. Henway.