Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sunday Dinner is Leftovers Again

Another day (only this and three more to go) to finish the longest slog of this manuscript. I will make it, I'm now convinced, but I still require unslacked productivity. So, I will offload the collection I didn't get to this week. Linky Leftovers again? Don't whine when you should be grateful I even post on Sundays. Most blogs don't, and I can't think why I started. Oh right- dull life, obsessive temperament. Many of these articles are substantial. I promise not to be hurt if you don't read them all.

1) This NYT article about grown children stealing from their parents' homes was sad. The excuse was that these amused parents think of their kids as pals. Assuming you're past college age, when was the last time you raided a friend's home for used underwear?

2) NYT offers yet another slice of the defective, I mean privileged, life. I do not believe wealth conveys idiocy, but it sure doesn't exclude it either. Here's what the moneyed vacationers do to out-exclusive each other. So frighteningly herdlike and needy. Don't tell me these sheep are worth placating, or that I should flee the city to spend weekends surrounded by these same wastrels and morons that blight my weekdays.

3) Gateway Pundit posts a letter from Zimbabwe that's heart-breaking. If I had a team of super psychics that could stop Mugabe's heart... Well, I might at least try to scare him into a deathbed conversion to humanity. Something drastic has got to change, and we must help it.

4) I didn't know idiopathic sex reversal, a spontaneous natural sex change phenomenon, existed. Tim Blair has more news about a fellow, now femme blogger. Here are pics from the transformation which he'd fantasized since childhood and which he intends to complete with hormones and surgeries by next January. It's astounding that it's possible for the brain to overhaul the body this much.

5) Radical feminist Sheila Jeffreys makes some good points if overall I find her, well, too radical. She disregards the sensual pleasures inherent in some rituals of balming and brushing, but I understand her concern that the modern style of displaying unburdened female sexuality confuses liberation with ho-bagness and only subjugates and objectifies women in men's eyes.

6) On a related topic, the "real" women of the Dove campaign face cheers and critique. When I saw the bus shelter with this picture of Stacy, I thought she looked so gamine, like a sweet girl-next-door caught in the middle of changing clothes. Everyone's allowed their tastes, but I think these women look real and vulnerable and adorable for it. In their tighty whities, they look more exposed than most supermodels wearing only sneers and hair gel. It's a nakedness that's charming, not lurid or exploitative.

7) 2003 UB313 is a planet bigger than Pluto and further away. Along with figuring out what makes the cut for planethood, and if this qualifies as the 10th planet, I hope they give it a kick-assier name.

8) In response to the EU's ban on tobacco advertising, the Anglo Saxon Chronicle loads up. As you may have read, I'm agin' bossin' people around to this degree, so while I acknowledge ciggies are stone-cold killers not to mention smelly hole-burners, I must applaud the libertarian insouciance. This decision is for people, not governments.

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Zoe Brain said...

Re: Feminisation:

She'd fantasised :)

And it will take a lot longer than January.

Updated story here

But apart from those minor clarifications, yes. It's been most educational, as well as an impossible dream come true.

Still, with a body like that, it's not as if I had any choice other than to try my best to be a guy all those years. Now circumstances have changed, and I don't have to try to be anything other than myself, at last. Still finding out exactly what that is, but it's Fun.