Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Manuscript Marathon, World's Ugliest Doggie

Is it merely coincidence that today in 1885, Louis Pasteur saved the life of nine year-old, dog-bitten Joseph Meister from rabies with an experimental vaccine? I think not.

I dare not write much. Every word steals from what I need elsewhere. An agent to whom I sent a sample and synopsis, based on her conversation with an author friend of mine, has asked to see the entire manuscript, and it ain't ready. For the next few weeks, I will have to produce like a mad thing, dare the carpal tunnel syndrome, and turn this mother out. I'm thrilled that after seeing my first couple chapters and knowing the entire plot, she still wants the rest. It's great news, even if by July's end, I'll feel like this...

Okay- I just tried to use the new Image function wthin Blogger to insert a photo and Nothing Happened. I filled in all the details and a blank window gaped at me. I tried it again- ditto. BLAST and DAMN!

Sam, judged the World's Ugliest Dog, is here and his story here (hat tip: April)

To continue in brevity:

Here's Mark Steyn's new slant on charity-goading celebrities. You know they don't operate their own finances the way they'd advocate for you.

Here's a 2002 interview with a defected Scientologist. While concete details are scant or mushy, all the wacked lingo's there which hints around the tenets, and the paranoia she still feels as well as her addled reasoning (which may predate her joining the cult of L. Ron) are quite evident.

Here's a Spiked article (ht: ALDaily) by a chansonnier, a singer especially of French songs (I had to look it up), about the sameness and sexlessness of modern pop voices. If I think Barb Jungr gets a little high-falutin' when connecting trance music's style with the rise of HIV awareness, she does give a great history of when and why culture used to prefer, as I still do, distinctive and rich adult voices.

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), is a public and free event I joined last year where people attempt to write 50,000 words during the month of November. The next few weeks will be my private, scaled-down version. I'm starting a storm novena. And I'm off!


April said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats!! I am so happy for you! Best of luck..I know you will succeed.

That IS one ugly little dog...but he is loved. It's kind of a lesson for the rest of us.

Henway Twingo said...

Thanks from me, and the Cryptkeeper of Pooches