Saturday, July 16, 2005

Why We Need Hell

For a guy so defectively competitive that he'd pay a child to assault a mentally disabled kid so he couldn't play his three innings of T-ball and screw up the team's chance TO WIN!

Many may not believe in crusty olde-tyme virtues like nobility, aid to the weaker, and grace in victory as well as defeat. Many may not believe in the notion of Hell. But immoral freaks like this are why I think we could use them.


The Scrivener said...

Bravo! Sense of Soot. Let us revive the doctrine of Hell - not enough is said of it. Our lacklustre, squishy revamps of doctrines and morals have created these monsters for us.

April said...

Sick and Evil. EVIL. And thank you for showing it to me.

I like the idea of hell for really, really, really bad people. Though I'm not catholic, I like the idea of purgatory('cuz I'm scared, dammit)where you can work off your sins. Ok, I'll work. Even though I don't see how anything I've done rises to the level of any kind of stint in any firey pit of any sort.

I always wondered what the point of hell was? apparently, you can have a deathbed revelation that will spare you! According to my evangelical Christian neighbor..If Adolph Hitler had said, on his deathbed, that he took as his personal Saviour the Lord Jeebus Christ, then Hitler goes right to heaven to sit at the right hand of G*d. A man who butchered around 13 mill of us. I guess Stalin, who killed even more, could get the same luxury skybox. Jeebus has low standards?!!!!!!!

This is why I don't believe in hell. Or Jeebus. I barely believe in his dad.

A much worse punishment than going to hell for this guy? I think he should be forced to watch while, say, Greg Maddux beans his kid upside the head with a nice split fingered, 105 mph fast-ball. The kid gets a 20 foot running start.

That's my idear of hell.