Saturday, July 09, 2005

I Cannot Wait to Kick it Sev-Style. Gimme Gulps!

Another hodge podge with just incidental politics. Tim Worstall liked my Pratchetty tribute to Britannia enough to comment, which was a thrill, being so far under the radar that I'm floorboarding with the gum wads.

1) Well, I won't say all my doubts are allayed, and I know it's no one's duty to allay my precocious anxieties, but the following poll of Brits was edifying to see. (ht: Roger L. Simon)

Brits don't hate the Muslims in their country generally, they hate the terrorists specifically. They're rightly proud of themselves for their emergency response, and they're determined to see terrorists arrested. There's support for monitoring suspicious persons and factions before they strike, which is a sea change in the hands-off (and no extradition) policy toward internationally-sought criminals that have previously found safe harbor there. As a measure of their dedication to the goal of security, there's even rising support for national ID cards (which actually I don't believe are effective as well as disliking such loss of liberty anywhere), but they'll decide for themselves. We can truly say that about Britain: even under its monarchy, the place is set sp so that when the subjects are strident, their voices are the loudest and most important determinant of national policy. Whatever course they take, the Brits will decide for themselves. Wish I could say that about everywhere.

2) So many consumer items (like movies) fail, because they're so poorly adapted from a good idea that they squeeze all the fun and sense right out of them. This hilarious review of the pathetically awful Fantastic Four ATV toy (do I mean to imply the toy or the movie is pathetically awful?) from the Portland Mercury is foul in its language and inarguable in its conclusions.

3) Want to be healthier, more active, and happier with your body? STOP DIETING! Here's the research that says it's okay to stop freaking out and feel good.

4) It's about time this barren island got something good. 7-11 is returning to Manhattan! Hell, yeah! Is it too much to ask for the Upper East Side next? If you show up, I promise to get the bird women and sporties hooked on Gulps and Slim Jims pronto!

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