Sunday, July 10, 2005

More Linkliciousness for Your Bad Selves

Again, I'm overflowing with content to share, but no commentary. It is the weekend, you know, and I'm taking it easy by just loading the buffet and leaving the rest to you.

1) Trouble Sleeping? Here's the lowdown on how your pillows affect the equation. I must fault the NYT for not including the sleep marvel we've been rocking at the homestead. It's weird to get used to, but good. The buckwheat-hulled support of Sobakawa Powa!

2) This article examines the still cash-friendly culture of NYC's Chinatown with its love of safety deposit boxes, especially those in fortunately designed spaces and with lucky numbers. Chinatown is a magnet for immigrants and a trusted place to do business, even if you have to commute to your bank from the outer boroughs.

3) What do you call an expert in the lore of creatures whose existence has not yet been substantiated, i.e. Sasquatch, Nessie, the Yeti? A cryptozoologist, of course.

4) Tom Rogers died at 87. And we care why? Because he invented Charlie the Tuna, and helped develop the Keebler Elves and Morris the Cat. This guy had a colorful life, delivering for bootleggers and writing pulp detective fiction, doctoring scripts and writing comedy. This is an example of a dyed-in-the-wool writer who contributed something of value, even if it wasn't profound or literary. I salute the pulp artists everywhere.

5) Does this common virus most of us are carrying have the potential to target and defeat cancer cells? It's being given serious scientific attention.

6) This woman scammed aspiring writers using two different identities and claiming, at different times, that both died in the September 11th attacks. Super bad karma. This vampire of hope's going to jail.

7) Turns out our early human ancestors were ecologically unfriendly, killing the megafauna for food and their own peace of mind. I told you no one wants that prehistorically giant stuff around.

8) Proving that most "talent" is idiotic, an R&B singer who was present but uninjured in the London bombings asks for prayers for his emotional distress.

9) A panda cub was just born at the National Zoo in Washington D.C., but did they have to say it was the size of a "stick of butter?" So... hungrry....

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