Thursday, July 14, 2005

Elvis Will Help Me Face My Private Truth

Ever spend your time ignoring something so important that you're almost impressed by your own stubborn backwardness as you do it? I have been consciously ignoring that I will fail utterly to complete my manuscript if I keep up the gut-busting length of my recent posts.

In sad news from Memphis, USA Today reports that Elvis' longtime cook, W. Pauline Nicholson, has passed away at 76. As those who knew the man age, someday we will only be left with the flat images and historical records of his deeds. Savor these first-hand accounts while ye may.

If you wish to discover the heartwarming (even burning) homestyle recipes that make the southern soul crinkle, here's Brenda Butler's classic Are You Hungry Tonight? And proving that the light still burns, unwavering, here's info for the upcoming October release All Cooked Up by Donna Presley Early.

Perhaps it was the spiritual nourishment of the fried peanut butter and 'nana sandwich that grounded me, reminded of my identity and my goals, and brought me to my senses. I must get to work. For myself and the King.

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