Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Look, Ma- Bob's a Blogger

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Forgive me for not assuming that MSNBC was all up in my particular flavor of Kool-Aid, because now I've got to give them the props on the BOB.

It's impossible to pithily convey the importance of Husker Du to my musical and social development and even my occasional regression. Just know there are precious few names of equal altitude in my personal pantheon and the man behind the Du and other great music is Bob Mould. Coinciding with the release of his latest album, Body of Song, Reuters did a very nice, two-page article about his history and musical evolution.

As it turns out, since 2003, Bob's been a bloggin'. As you might expect, his blog's got publicity info, but it also has pictures and birthday shout outs to friends, tech gripes, and stuff that struck me as surprisingly normal-sounding for the hostile and sad, hermetic artist of years ago. What was coolest, though, was discovering we'd shared a certain internet synchronicity.

Bob linked T-ball's most "disturbing" story on July 19th, I had posted on it July 17th. Living near the epicenter of recent activity, Bob had a string of cat hoarding posts (with other new incidences I hadn't seen!) on July 12th, July 14th, and July 15th. Independently, I was making with the blah-blah on it by July 19th.

It made me feel somehow, after all these years, we're still circling the same drain.

P.S. The picture has nothing to do with Bob, but refers to a small and tasty road trip I'm taking with a friend next week. Dear friend, if you can stand the wait, your very own copy of Bob's latest is already in my suitcase. We'll whine the miles away.

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