Friday, July 15, 2005

Meddling in Hawaii and My Soda Pop

1) In a previous post, I expressed the thought the proposal to establish a separate "native" or "aboriginal" Hawaiian state was crapulent. Townhall has two follow up articles, one about the Constitutional basis (lack, rather) for new racial segregations, and another about the practical consequences when people in every state of the union can claim exemption from national law by "tribal" membership.

"For the last time, give me back my weed trimmer and pay me for the snowblower you took last year, or I'm calling the cops."

"Sorry, dude, you'll have to file a greivance with the Native Hawaiian Tribal Council."

"What are you talking about? You were born in Jersey, and your parents ,too. You still live in your grandma's house!"

"Ah, but my great-great grandmother was one-quarter aboriginal Hawaiian. Stop oppressing me!"

2) Can I tell you how freaking tired I am of people stickering my world for my own good? Now, the nannies at the Center For Science in the Public Interest want the government to mandate warning labels (some call them health messages) on soda cans in case you didn't realize excess calories contributed to paunch and sugar to tooth decay. Jacob Sullum takes on Paul Krugman of the NYT who's on a recent crusade about obesity and how the government needs to step in yadda, yadda, because we're so stupid, stupid, stupid and can't tell ice cream isn't a vegetable.

I'm more concerned about overweight children because parents and guardians supply their options for living. If you're a parent with a fat, unfit child because you stock the pantry with crap, I will HOPE (not regulate, not monitor) that you'll care enough to serve the occasional salad or non-fast food. As important as food quality, I'd HOPE you'd consider controlling portions, the number of snacks and empty calories, and getting your and the rest of the family's butts grooving to the old-fashioned fun of "sports and activities." But even if you don't do that, and especially if you don't, I don't merit a flyspeck of authority over how you live, and no government bureaucrat spending our taxes for us does either. I damn sure wouldn't let you tell me. Despite Morgan Spurlock's excessive displays, I really don't think America's weight issue is that millions seriously believe Cheetos and Mickey D's are health food. So get off me, all you uber-labeling, finger-pointing, joyless and dessertless busybodies!

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lee said...

Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona, who chairs the Senate Republican Policy Committee, wrote a comprehensive analysis addressing his concerns over the creation of a race-based government for Native Hawaiians and the dangerous precedents that this bill would create. The paper is available at