Friday, July 29, 2005

Hairy Purple Bison Caught Smoking in Town Hall

John Heilprin / AP file, Click to enlarge

1) Updates in Hair: In Aruba, on the duct tape, not the girl's. The pond by the Marriott is still being drained. I fervently hope there will be a resolution at the bottom. In Canada, on the bushes, not Bigfoot. Darn squared!

2) Purple Coneflower, otherwise known as Echinacea, has no effect on colds according to a comprehensive new study reported in the NYT. But one of the doctors involved plans to keep using it himself, And of course, they didn't even try my ecky-chamomile-peppermint-goldenseal-chicken soup- tobasco blast smoothie. Too afraid to handle the doozy.

3) Maybe it's cruel or dismissive, but I don't consider Tucker Carlson the hard-hitting brainiac who asks the questions I need answered. Except this once. In this transcript, he properly nails a NJ state senator to the carpet for their proposed ban on smoking in cars. What if I'm just driving through the state? Will there be cartoon posters at the state line? In the interview, the senator cites hand-free phones as a move up in safety, even though the widely-disseminated data shows little improvement . (BTW, I agree with the Kentucky editor's take.) Meanwhile, smokers who already pay high sin taxes on their cancer sticks and are increasingly barred from puffing in public places have become the beaten dogs of policy. NJ wants to kick them again for what they do in privacy and that ain't my idea of freedom.

4) I often enjoy Townhall, some columnists quite a bit more than others. I haven't read much of Mark Tapscott, but his piece on citizen journalists monitoring Big Government has good logic and enthusiasm. So why, oh why- in the worst tradition of the MSM- does he begin with a lie?

It’s happened twice in the last six months – heart-rending tragedies quickly seen around the globe up close and personal, thanks to on-the-scene citizen journalists of the digital New Media world exploding all around us courtesy of the Internet.

He's talking about the Dec. 26th tsunami and the 7/7 bombings! Is there an alternate continuum where that isn't seven months, but instead, compresses itself to six? Do not misstate, embellish, or force things into shapes that you find pithier to wordsmith, or you've learned nothing about why and how the blogosphere's working.

5) In redemption, here's a better-founded piece by Townhall columnist Jeff Jacoby with shocking historical incidences of incapacitated doddering by Supreme Court Justices who wouldn't retire. Not everyone's 65 or even 95 is the same, so I wouldn't like to see an age limit, but the 18-year term limit would enshrine the notion that SCOTUS service is not for a lifetime, and make consequentially easier the institution of other intervening provisions during that term in cases of gross unfitness.

Rock on, ya'll. I continue to crank the verbiage. Special shout out tributes to a soap-eating legend known as the "worst puppy in the world."

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April said...

Ahhhh...Echinacea Purpurea. Purple coneflower. I have a friend who comes over every fall and takes a whole bunch of it from my she can make "cold preventive/curing tinctures" from it's roots. Never believed it for a second! Because I had heard you had to take it for many weeks before cold/flu season for it to be effective.

What echinacea CAN do is cause liver damage. If taken in small doses over many weeks. D'oh! It is a really nice native garden plant, though.

Foxglove, a lovely plant, is dangerous..leaf, flower, stem, root. The reason why is contained in it's binomial name..digitalis. Digitalis is or was a commonly used heart drug. I have it in my garden, but I use rubber gloves if I know I'm going to be working with it, LOL!

If you're going to do herbals, you really got to do the research, peoples!

I ate a really nasty lunch today...heavy, doughy, penne pasta with marinara that I had bought from the Jewel. I soon was very nauseated. I asked around my co-workers and one of the more holistic ones had some ginger coated with honey tea-bag thing that tasted pretty bad but sure did clear up that upset stomach tute de suite. It's why our moms gave us ginger-ale when we had upset tummies when we were kids. Ginger root is an herbal that works great for upset stomachs.