Thursday, June 30, 2005

Would Natalee Hollway Likey Giant Catfish?

Another busy day- must be brief.

If you've found me through the name above or by searching for Natalie Hoolloway, Natlee Hollaway, or Natalie Hallaway, where you can get the latest news feeds from Yahoo on the actual girl-in-question is HERE.

UPDATE: As of July 12th, the news link above is still good and full of fresh reports. Hope this helps the multitudes avidly following this story.
UPDATE2: As of July 25th, the HERE link above is still a go. You are most loyal to her cause. Wherever she may be, I think that's nice.
UPDATE 3: As of August 25th, the Yahoo link still holds the latest reports, but I wonder why the stalled story still holds your interest. Any dramatic new information on this case will find us all, searching won't be required.

Although her name was spelled correctly in the title, my recent rant on the media coverage (which has not improved, by the way) of the blonde teen missing from Aruba had her surname misspelled within the body of my post. As a result, I've been getting heavy search engine traffic from all sorts of people who aren't sure how to spell her name. If you're one of them, you must be quite disappointed to arrive here, where opinion trumps information and neither is fresh. However, being the charitable type, I'm wont to aid all serious seekers of truth.

Meanwhile, I like to think that Nataley Holliway, whoever or wherever that alternately-spelled entity might be, is herself the kind of gal who could enjoy getting down with some hushpuppies and a 646-pound catfish. Oooh, we're going to need a bigger Fry Daddy for that one, I think.

“I’m thrilled that we’ve set a new record, but we need to put this discovery in context: these giant fish are uniformly poorly studied and some are critically endangered," added [Zeb] Hogan, a fellow with the World Wildlife Fund, which is partnering with the National Geographic Society. "Some, like the Mekong giant catfish, face extinction.” ...The Mekong River Basin is home to more species of massive fish than any river on Earth, they added, and Mekong fish are the primary source of protein for the 73 million people that live along the river.

I'm not even going to try to tell 73 million Thais to stop eating in favor of an arguably prehistoric holdover. But caviar sturgeon, maybe. (I kid about the snobbery.) (Not really.) I will admit my absolute glee that species run smaller than they used to. Not only are the young and dainty more tender and sweet-meated, but who needs creatures like those enormous flying lizards screaming through the skies and plucking victims right off their Rockports? Unless we could employ them as low-emission air travel.... Must go. Grant proposals to craft.

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