Saturday, June 18, 2005

PETA stands for Preferred Euthanasia and Thoughtless Aftermath?

If you believed this strident activist group was about sparing animals' lives at any cost and subsequently encouraging vegetarianism and fashion choices without animal hides, you've misunderstood their opinions and initiatives. Apparently the group merely advocates a preferred method of death and believes the health restrictions about disposal of animal carcasses and waste are an oppressive straitjacket to liberty.

Today, Page Six reports two [PETA] employees were caught tossing the corpses of 31 orphaned dogs they had "euthanized" into a Dumpster outside a Piggly-Wiggly store in Ahoskie, N.C. ...Ahoskie police chief Troy Fitzhugh told PAGE SIX that up to 80 dead dogs, including seven puppies, had been illegally dumped in the area over the past four weeks...PETA insists that its method of euthanasia, lethal injection, is more humane that the local methods — .22-caliber rifle or poison gas. The local shelters knew the dogs "adopted" by PETA were doomed to die, PETA claims — but local officials say they were told the organization would find homes for the animals, not slaughter them. ...PETA president Ingrid E. Newkirk told us, "We have a history of communications with these shelters. They know we provide free euthanasia services. We drive down there to euthanize their animals."

I had only heard rumors that PETA actually euthanized animals, but hadn't seen it confirmed. Now, it's not only confirmed, it's defended by their president. No-kill shelters do exist, but PETA doesn't run them. Apparently no pet cemeteries either. Does that seem incongruous to you given their accuse-of-Nazism-first and vandalize-later M.O. toward other organizations and businesses involved with animals? While they hound and badger (no pun intended) KFC about their practices with chickens, PETA President Newkirk defends as "good people" these paid employees tossing rotting puppy cadavers that they killed into a grocery store dumpster. It demonstrates not only complete disregard for disposal and sanitation of animal waste (regulations PETA contentiously monitors for others' adherence) but what must be seen as a contemptuous attitude towards the bodies of the innocents they claim to protect. Even the local pound will cremate. A loving owner might bury. And PETA's defense is that gassing or a single shot to the head is so much crueler that lethal injection? For the record: If I'm doomed to die by unnatural causes, I don't care which method they use as long as it's quick.

Let the suicidal and terminally ill be informed. PETA are not just annoying finger-pointers who want you clad in hemp while gassily bloated from soy protein isolates. They're officially declaring themselves your glossy, celebrity-endorsed source for free euthanasia. And although they can't guarantee your decaying body won't be dumped and befouling a water supply somewhere afterwards, you will get what you paid for.


April said...

I just feel sorry for the dogs. I know for sure poison gas is not humane. I would think that a .22 to the head, or lethal injection is much more so.

If you're going to use a gun to destroy an animal...there's ways to do it...draw an imaginary X between the animal's left ear and right eye, and right ear and left eye. Shoot right in the middle of the X, with your favorite .22. That's the minimum calibre. I learned this from Equus magazine.

No kill shelters are very expensive to run, and there's usually no room...I'm running one, LOL! Most of the cats I have, I have because there was no room at the Sav-A-Pet.

PETA has done some good stuff, but they're generally idiots. All their frothing turns people off.

I like to enrage my friends by sticking up for them, and the Earth Firsters. It's fun to watch people turn bright red!

I don't really believe that their next step is euthanising humans, though I do know a few humans who should be put out of my misery.

Henway Twingo said...

I don't really believe humans are their next step either, but where's satire without hyperbole? There's no argument that no-kill is very expensive, but then let's talk about that fact publicly, not pretend we're doing it and sneak the cadavers out the back.

Some people believe the second biggest danger from terrorists are our own, domestically grown loonies. Whether it protects doctors and patients in clinics, or loggers, or just people who like leather pants and jambalaya, I think poking holes in the arguments of stiff-necked fanatics who appoint themselves our judges is important.

You, my friend, are definitely running a no-kill for kitties and they're lucky to have you.