Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Gator Blogging to D.C.

This is my first chance with serious wifi access. I think the titling may be rough, but it's working. SC was magnolias and gators and golf, tropical plants, beaches, crustacean buffets and grits. Although I knew there were more golf courses per capita in SC than any other state, apparently they're counting minigolf, too, Driving around Myrtle Beach and environs, I must've seen more than 50 courses myself. My aunt said there are at least 100, and the local chamber of commerce got defensive when the governor said "Charleston has history, and Myrtle Beach has miniature golf." To mollify the room of irate businessmen, the gov backpedaled, explaining, "Some of my best friends play mini golf."

The themes run mainly to jungle/safari and pirate/volcano island with the odd, ancient pyramid-building civilization. And though, after seeing a few, all the astroturfed hills and blue-dyed lagoons and plaster giraffes look the same, I'm sure to experts the nuances are manifold, At the moment, I'm in the airport waiting to fly to D.C. I hope to get proper access and surfability there, and hope to acquire more witty charm by landing, too.

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