Tuesday, September 06, 2005

No More Travelin' Promises, My Threat to the Nation

I was genuinely sorry to neglect you while finishing the ms, but still I posted intermittently. Then, I promised to post while traveling, and failed more miserably even than while traveling in June. I've learned that if the local situation isn't totally copacetic in terms of technology and time, I brush off blogging until later, and later doesn't always come. Here we are, almost a week later- and a big one it was- and I'm finally back.

The convention was good, immersive and tiring, but very useful and interesting.

I'll make this brief, just a toe back into the water, no pun intended. I may in the future have deep commentary about the hurricane et al, but at the moment, I'm satisfied that everything I'd say is being said elsewhere and better.

So here's an only tangentially related item: When I flew home, with the exact same bags and contents as on my departure, the X-rayer observed something verboten in my suitcase. A screener pulled my bag aside for examination, and asked me to guide her to where the pointy object was. I'd forgotten and put nail scissors inside my toiletry kit as I'd carried them on my last road trip. Between the options of checking my carry-on (impractical for my standby flight) or losing the scissors, the Tweezerman pair bit the dust.

Do I need to say that my nail scissors were buried so deeply within my bag and two different subpouches that there'd be no way to extricate them during flight unnoticed? Do I have to say that anyone facing otherwise certain death would not hesitate to face down a pair of two inch scissor blades with their fat seat cushion/flotation device? Of course, my pocket knife (which includes folding scissors) that I'd uncharacteristically left attached to my keyring before air travel went undetected on both trips.

The woman who searched my bag and confiscated my scissors was alert, courteous, and speedily efficient. What a waste of someone like that.

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