Monday, September 19, 2005

I'm Up to Here with Gaiman!

I don't know Steve or Cheryl and didn't attend the 2003 nuptials in Missouri, but it's what I got when I typed "up to here" into Google images. I'd feel less conflicted about using you, my many-tentacled Googie darling, if you'd stop caving to The Party in Beijing. Anyway, this pic shows my frustration level with well-known writers that I'd jealously despise except for my admiration and enjoyment, dammit. Enough already, Gaiman. Coffee Break Time! Take Pratchett with you!

I hadn't intended to become merely a tout site (not to be confused with tout de suite) for authors who are arguably way better than I am and inarguably more successful.

But Fall is book season, and the new releases are thicker on the ground than lost leaves, at least here in Manhattan where bookstores' dead trees vastly outnumber the living variety. This provides much to desire and acquire, more to read over the winter, and many events to attend.

Today's news is Gaiman (again) who also has a busy and well-read blog that's way better than mine. His new book is Anansi Boys which follows up with the world created in American Gods that I so adored. Since I'm going to his signing tomorrow, I thought I'd highlight this auction he spearheaded to support free speech for writers and artists. His participation (in addition to other barely-known authors like Stephen King, Michael Chabon, Nora Roberts, Lemony Snicket, and John Grisham) have made this eBay character sell-off a success for the First Amendment Project.

On a side note, can you explain to me why the wired-up MSNBC posts this web story about an online auction without including links to either the auction or the organization? Even a rube like me can (and did) provide that service as part of the complete information package. Just asking.

UPDATE: Can you believe it's after 5pm, and I missed that today is Talk Like a Pirate Day?! Avast ye, seadogs, time's a wastin'.

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April said...

YAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR me swabbie. It be the day. It's never too late in the live-long day to start with the pirate speak.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day is my second favourite holiday, after Halloween.

Sean, Myron and I used to watch PBS and talk like pirates instead of rehearsing.