Monday, September 26, 2005

Maxwell Smart Agent Eighty-Sixed

The shamefully apt title fairly writes itself, no?
There were perhaps other things worth posting today, but none more important to me than this. I loved Get Smart in nontrivial amounts. Nice tribute article at MSNBC.

It is a credit to the man's professionalism as a trouper how many Don Adams with shoe phone pix there are to choose from. I liked this one posted at the Popular Culture Appreciation Society.

I am not making any predictions, and I am not smug in my sense of foreboding, but our recent bereavement of Gilligan and now Maxwell Smart must surely count as two of a kind. I deeply fear that Barney Fife may follow too closely for my liking. Oh, Heavenly Chorus of Comedy, take not Mr. Limpet and Mr. Chicken from us. Not yet, please.

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