Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Artsy, The Scary, The Corrupt

Scary Corrupt Clown mask available here

The NYT still does arts right.
1) Moscow Cat Theatre comes to Tribeca.
2) More metalheads that aren't meatheads.
3) Clarinetist accompanies bird songs, and the birds jam along.

Canadians are scaring me.
4) A silent tectonic event is shifting Vancouver island and seismologists think it may signal a massive earthquake, The Big One.

No matter how low you've fallen, some snake-bellied subterranean will try to steal from you.
5) There's tremendous fraud and waste in disaster payouts.
6) New Jersey arrested this Katrina scammer.
7) Mugabe says Zimbabweans aren't starving, they're just corn-loving finicky eaters.

I have so many stories I could link that contradict this, one about people reduced to eating whatever they find and the rates of starvation, about farmers enthusiastically using USAID programs to grow traditional, drought-resistant small grains like sorghum and millet, about hungry children with a life expectancy in their thirties, but why should I argue? The real Mugabe is as contemptible and ridiculous as any satirical dictator one could write. Sadly, it's not just two-dimensional squiggles this guy's killing.

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