Thursday, September 29, 2005

If I Close My Eyes Forever...

Gruesome but fake pic courtesy of Samurai Appliance Repair Man.

Most of today's posts are things that make me want to scratch my head at a minimum, but more likely bang it against something, not in the supercool rockin' way, but the self-inflicted concussion to allow me the sweet relief of unconsciousness kind of way.

First, however, Instapundit posted a round up of the reviews from the Serenity screening that I first mentioned here, and they were pretty positive. Now onto the crazy stuff.

2) Woman sitting on parkbench in NYC ticketed for not having children. Goal: reduction in creepy child-molesters targeting playgrounds, a terrifying possibility played up to support any sort of intrusion in gross denial of its actual probability. Effect: Another regulation, restriction, penalty and excuse for officers to harass someone about her personal life.

The Parks department explanation, which doesn't somehow comfort me, is that the cops aren't supposed to follow the letter of the law (oh no, why would we assume that?), but use their "common sense." In other words, this is another case for cops to become further habituated to ignoring laws or deciding unevenly to hammer the offenders. For the accused, however, once you're in the legal system, what's in black and white is what you can be held to by a thorny judge or prosecutor. Technicalities are the coursing splinters that pass for blood in the heart of the modern court. Is this really what we want? Regulations that aren't meant to be applied and restrictions on where you can sit in public? You know, I bet a clever criminal could find a way to put drugs or something into the playground water fountains to hurt a child or dummy their parent/caregiver so as to take advantage. We should probably segregate those as well.

3) David Cronenberg uses directing a racy scene as an excuse to make Viggo Mortensen, Maria Bello, and the film crew watch him have sex with his wife. Thanks, Defamer, I'll never sleep again without nighty-night head trauma.

4) Michelle Malkin pointed to this story from the always one-step-ahead Brussels Journal about the first trio civilly united in the Netherlands. Two of these people were already married before inviting a second woman around who abandoned her husband to cheat with the swinging crew. Apparently, eternal love ensued. The groom is reported to have said they want to take their marriage obligations seriously: “to be honest and open with each other and not philander.” Why yes, of course.

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April said...

Knowing the dead eyed, doll eyed, knee jerky Malkin..I'd say she's probably trying to make her case against gay marriage with this.