Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Peeping Tom, Religious Police, or Citizen Journalist?

This machine coos back. More here.

1) The British bellwethers, the cabbies, don't seem to know about blogging or podcasting in great numbers and confuse it with "dogging", calling up your friends to spy on people having sex in not-so private locations.

2) A British hospital bans "cooing" at babies as it offends their sacrosanct privacy.

3) The L.A. Times admits that the coverage during Katrina got overheated with unsupported rumors of deevolutionary descent into post-apocalyptic animalism. I hate the Times-Picayune's editor's defense that newsies were more likely to believe it because of the race of the people involved. What about the possibility that the media was willing to pimp the most outrageous stories (I grant the hapless PD Chief and Mayor pimped them, too) without video or on-site substantiation because it suited their salacious agenda? And what happens to Dan Rather's back pats about one of TV news' "finest moments" where they were "speaking truth to power" now? Other blogs I like have made this point, but I read theirs after I'd planned to make it, too, so I'm not crediting. This is simultaneous epiphany.

4) The fantastic Religious Policeman blog began in memory of 15 schoolgirls who died because the religious police wouldn't allow them to escape a burning building while the girls weren't wearing the correct abaya coverage to go outside. The firemen weren't allowed to help them because of their sinful state. Better they should burn in life than go to hell. In this post, the RP takes us on a tour of the real Saudi religious police website and their lists of forbidden items. You'd think it was the most wicked satire if you didn't know it was true.

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April said...

I never believed, for one second, that the "lord of the flies" scenario was playing out in the superdome or convention center. According to accounts i'vd read, from people who were there, it did take days and days to get food water and sanitation to these people.