Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sporty Weenies and Placebos

Russell Gordon lithograph from Lakeside Gallery

1) Although the article's authors take pains to make it seem otherwise, we all know that hot dogs are health food! See hot dog diet with dubious Chuck Norris participation here.
(hat tip: Instapundit, doesn't need the credit, but my honor obliges me.)

2) Extreme sports? Frilly lace-covered endeavors compared to horseback riding. Riding is great, but it's forever been risky. You'd know if you'd talked to Madonna or Christopher Reeve. Even our own Bummer Girl once took a hellacious spill from a future hot dog. (hat tip: Arts & Letters Daily)

3) Finally, there's proof that the placebo effect results from real chemical changes in our bodies, thanks to our own internal pharmacies. Now, how will we use it to treat pain and disease? (hat tip: ME, you ingrates! I do find some of this crap on my own.)

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