Thursday, December 15, 2005

I Get that the Christ Child is The Real Treasure, but

Isn't there room for some of this, too?

Wrapping some pimping into my holiday posting, and slightly channeling the Manolo-

In recent news, $180,000 of diamonds was stolen from a man in Long Island as he lah-dee-dah'd his way down Crabtree Lane, and a German woman was defrauded of her jewelry in exchange for an exorcism. Especially if cradled in gold, the price of replacing your sparklies is rising through the roof, but if you buy for investment, experts recommend you don't actually wear them.

Then what, you ask, is a gal of splendor to do? You can't afford the cost or the risk of the genuine baublery. Yet, do not the holidays of the partying and twinkly lights demand equal radiance of you, not to mention the increasing bling of the men's?

My suggestion: Belle Noelle.

The Belle Noelle is a friend of mine, but I've seen almost all the merchandise in person, and there are terrific pieces both fun and inspirational. Don't be dissuaded by her low prices (many of which are even on SALE!), these goodies are nicely done and guaranteed to light you up or to be a brilliant gift.

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