Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sorry, I was out Shilling

See item 3. Image via Kyle's Adventures in Cooking.

Yesterday, I was busy peddling (or planning to peddle) my literary wares and didn't get to blogging. I sent some stuff to an agent I'd met some time ago, and I attended MWA's holiday party and had a swell time. There, I met more writers I didn't know, chatted pleasantly with those I did, and met a couple agents, too.

Now I have the happy problem of executing prompt follow-up with query, synopsis, and bio, an odious trinity of marketing materials which shouldn't matter much if the darned manuscript sample reads well. I've never had to submit a bio before. Should be a laugh. Nearly unqualified for everything, dabbler in all things. I'll try to make myself sound interesting if unaccomplished. As a result of the need to create such shinola, I just don't feel like commenting at length on the links I've collected. I'm throwing them up. You decide what sticks.

1) How awesome is thy nature, Coffee?

2) In a post-Katrina update, Gumbo Pie is going home to New Orleans. The students from Tulane are ending their semesters abroad, too. The justice system still isn't operating and a local judge is applying pressure by releasing criminal suspects.

3) Courtesy of the Scrivener: When life gives you jellyfish, make jelly rolls.

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