Thursday, December 22, 2005

NYC Transit Strike- End In Sight?

Marathon Eyeball courtesy of Davis Eyecare.

Today's the shortest day of the year yet hope has gone and sprung itself anew.

It's lame to have a TV in the elevator, I admit, except when it informs you that the TWU leadership will recommend to its members that they return to work while negotiations with the MTA restart. Okay, so it seems like they could've done that all along, but, the big question is when will everything be up and running again.

Here's an NYT article that has times anywhere from 8 hours to inspect and pull cars and buses out of storage up to two days. As usual with these always updating stories, the last two pages are mostly stuff from yesterday and before. The key milestones are when the union actually votes on the leadership's recommendation and the first shift back on the job. It'll likely take until the next shift for the equipment and routes to be operating at full force. So the news is good, but today is probably still lost. Tomorrow, however, people could be back in the holiday spirit if the sleighs are sliding.

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