Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Congratulations and Less Important Stuff

The stargazers are in special celebratory honor of two dear friends who joyfully got hitched this morning. Rock on with your connubial bliss today and always!

In other news, the Simpsons will have a pantheon of famous authors as guest voices.

Putting a stake through at least one vampire of hope: Misanthrope Martha Ivery pled guilty to fraud as a faux agent and publisher, taking $700,000 from 200 aspiring writers over 5 years.

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems: Lottery winnings amplify existing dysfunctions unto death.

The perils of societal success: Young Japanese employees are no longer motivated loyalists but comfortable and ennui-laden individualists who want bigger paychecks.

As if the digital dreck coming out of greeting cards and toys and various objects d'art wasn't jaw-clenching enough, someone thinks we need musical sandwiches? Don't employees have iPods, or at least radios, anymore?

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