Thursday, December 22, 2005

You've Been So Good...Have a Six-Pack

Photo by Fred Grinberg/UNEP/Topham from this site.

With my unthinking acceptance of a completely uncorroborated estimate that public transit will run again by tomorrow morning, I feel my mood lightened enough to distribute the many holiday tidbits I've been gathering for you.

1) Here's the funny and repulsive review of the Jones Soda Holiday pack for 2005 with a collection of soft drinks in flavors of "Turkey & Gravy," "Cranberry Sauce," "Pumpkin Pie," "Brussels Sprout" and "Wild Herb Stuffing." MMMMmmmmm.

2) Bad Santas rampage in Auckland while a Birmingham Santa pays your parking tickets.

3) Cool conditions in Tasmania have plumped holiday turkeys to gargantuan proportions.

4) During these days of parties and libations, Virgin Mobile offers a blocking service to protect you from your own drunk dialing.

And two gifts from friends of mine that I share with you. Ah, the benevolence of the season:

5) NPR's Annoying Holiday Music Picks with playlinks on the left side. O Holy Night is simply dreadful. So what that the picks are from 2002? What's as timeless as crap?

6) The ultimate manifestation of comprehensive Christmas tampon crafts.

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