Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sabbath in Syrup

Sneaky, nefarious image source here. Don't fall for the folksy charm.

This is a quickie- I'm day-of-resting, but when I think Sunday, I think pancakes- and yes, Virginia- the weird maple syrup smell is reportedly back in Manhattan.

I can't personally confirm it, because I've only ever smelled the kind of horrors that the ads above the story purport to eradicate.

But I have a theory to share.
Two words: Canadian invasion.

Has no one else marked their calendars?! It's the ten-year anniversary payback for this. When will those crafty Canucks learn? When I least expect it is exactly when I'm expecting it.

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Solomon2 said...

I like Canadian maple syrup! I bought two whisky-flask bottles of the stuff years ago at the NY-CA border and have been happy with it ever since. I use in in drinks instead of ordinary sugar syrup - the light grades of maple syrup are very good for that.

However, the $10/100ml bottle cost is extortionate. I imagine that people might mistake the 50ml bottle for perfume.

The maple syrup smell issue is a queer one. One way to analyze it is to realize that maple syrup gets its distinct flavor and aroma from the facilities it is processed in - in Vermont, they use old barns. I guess, then, that the funny smell may be that of organic decay and wood processing.