Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Must Just Be Me

For some reason, on the news reports, they'll say that people are upset- people with lost wages, cab drivers who can't go into Manhattan without 4 passengers before 11am- but the only ones they show speaking are ones saying how everybody's got to fight for their benefits, blah-blah, hard job, blah-blah.

Do the people speaking realize the union rejected an offer based on future employees' contribution of one percent to their own retirements? These people don't think they should be reponsible for planning even one percent of their own futures. Do you think they care what happens to you and yours? Obviously, the answer is no. But I'm not hearing anyone say that on the news or talk about any of the facts about the rejected deals. Maybe because of the various TV and broadcast unions, no one's going to step on toes with "real sound." People in New Jersey, whose transit is running, have still had to get going hours early to make it into the city. Yet everyone speaks as if we ought to just be tra-la-la-ing our way through the days.

Of course, this is the city that put up with its epic garbage strike, too. Perhaps I just haven't been indoctrinated well enough. What I'm supposed to do with a smile is: pay obscenely expensive costs of living along with painful taxes to every place with a seal and letterhead, be physically and legally restricted in where I can go and when, be crowded in every public space and most private ones, live under constant security threats not to mention the threat that some organization or another will pull the rug out from underneath our delicate functioning, be enveloped by heaps of garbage and filth while braggin it's the best city in the world. I might have to become French to manage that level of sophistication.

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