Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wonders Natural and Otherwise

Via April. You can see this premature foal named Dove is mighty small, even for a miniature horse. Read about her and see more pics here, but look out for the musical accompaniment.

1) Via Reason, the Silent Penultimate Panel (SPP) Comic Watch. Matt tracks the pregnant pause before the punchsquare in comic strips. Once you've noticed it, you can't stop noticing it. A numbingly small thing to obsess upon? Perhaps. But remember, little things are the hinges of the universe.

2) Via Elgin Tyrell, behold the glories of mudbug season. Mudbugs are those odd crustaceans which some of us call crayfish, crawfish, or in my case, crawdaddies, which we used to be able to fish up almost by the handful in properly muddy Texas shallows. It's one of those things you politely call a local delicacy if you didn't grow up sucking the heads. Like smelt season beginning April 1 in Chicago, where fishermen with barrels will stake out the city's urban harbors for these teeny tiny fish.

3) The NY city animal control has manged to tranquilize a careful coyote who'd been hunting in Central Park. The bridges and tunnels limit their migration to plunder plentiful Manhattan, but in Chicago, where priarie access is wide open, thousands of coyotes live in the city. Even downtown, if you're up late enough, you'll see them slinking around.

4) An enormous, forgotten cache of survival supplies dating from the Cold War has been found beneath the Brooklyn Bridge.

5) Via Tim Worstall who got it himself from Normblog, it turns out that radon gas levels spike with the phases of the moon.

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