Sunday, March 12, 2006

Aw G, What Luddite Doesn't Get That?

Image via KT's Cartoons

Via LGF, here's the Sci-Tech Today article with the scoop:

The upshot is that "Do No Evil" Google, who feels righteous about helping China censor its people from even searching for bummer words like "democracy" or "Falun Gong" (much less organizing) is simultaneously helping those rad boys at Al Queda recruit new non-Arab blood. At the many Bin Laden message boards on Orkut, a service owned and run by the Big G, you can view footage of terrorist carnage for which posters claim responsiblity and get the whole sales pitch for the matching team shirts and targeting innocents for murder.

Well, who can't understand that? It's as no-evilley and hypocrisy-free as can be. The terrorist market is too big a market niche to ignore. Ditto the Communists. I hope perhaps Google Satellite will add a service where Castro and Mugabe can actually see the locations of dissidents from the sky, so they can more efficiently pinpoint who to torture.

Sure, I'm a capitalistic, progress-friendly, libertarian-leaner. But as such, I suppose I feel a little defensive of the principles of freedom of thought and action, maybe especially in parts of the world that don't have such assurances bolstered by culture and law. Perhaps that's the reason why I misguidedly think that regressive, misogynist thugs shouldn't get to take advantage of the best stuff developed within free, progressive societies to send us all back to the Dark Ages?

My Bad, Google.

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