Friday, March 10, 2006

Ego Surfing or Just Finding Myself?

When I myself am territorially ego surfing, besides this financial system consultant and questionable online P.I. series, I also land on outdoor furniture and Norm Gabrowski's apparently legendary, macked-out C-Cab "Henway" truck. At last, I am rocked.

I'll freely admit to getting this idea from the occasional search string postings (which I couldn't find today) by Samantha Burns. Maybe next, I'll copy her by infiltrating the nation to my south for overthrow, too.

Anyhoo, one of the joys of a mixed bag of blog is creating so many paths to my door. Below are recent searches from the last 100 entities who found Sense of Soot. Asterisks represent multiple searches on the same topic, and I'll also highlight the perennial favorites in purple. If you want to see the posts, plug the text string into your favorite engine and browse on, ya'll.

Understandable Confusion
STARS Soot Trap
Soot Decomposition
Soot Joke
Do it Myself Wash Clothes from Soot

Wild World of Wonders
Nile Monitor Lizard in Sanibel Florida
Over 27 million Bedbugs
Iceburg Melting
Nutria Dam Boring

Human Science
Ravens Test *
Pictures of Parts of the Human Body Which Contain H2O
Spontaneous Sex Change
Transvestite Adolescence Problem
Post Electrocution Syndrome
Gender of Text
Canadians Pronouciation [of] Sorry

Cult of Personality
Eugenides Cape Cod Room (author Jeffrey who likes eating at Chicago's Drake Hotel)
J.A. Konrath (author and blogger)
PundyHouse (blogs of blook author)
Jasmin Shokrian (clothing designer)
Eolo Perfido (photographer)
Walter Kirn Slate (author serializing online)
Jenni Kayne * (clothing designer)
Thomas Kincade * ("Painter of Light")

and Tobias Buckell (who actually commented on last Wednesday's post and offered me a book to review, thus confirming everything I said about how on-top-of-this-stuff he is)

News, Culture, and Who Knows What?
Waterboy Shots 3 Pointers
Transparent Dress*
Vocation Obsession
Storm Novena
Examples of Sassy
Funny Viewable Manuscripts
Scary Differences
Competitive Eating (always yields hits- thanks, Larry)
Indian Midget Wrestlers African Lion (this popular hoax is evergreen)

But the no-contest, biggest search generator of hits here every week -hits which I'd be happy to forfeit, since I know the searchers must inevitably be disappointed- is the name of the blonde teen who went missing from a Dutch-governed island. I misspelled it in a post, not as Gnat-a-Lea Haul-A-Way, but making a far more predictable error. The tide rolled in. And rolled. And trickles even today.


Esbiem said...

that's a fine old truck but I just have to ask, what's a Henway?

Henway Twingo said...

About two pounds!

Thanks for the set-up.

apostropher said...

I had a commenter long ago who signed his comments "The Clitorious R.I.C." Every month, I get at least a few hits on some variation of "how do I find a clitorious?"

Henway Twingo said...

The same crowd looking here for the most transparent dresses. Educational aids, no doubt.