Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Taliban or Nazi? Whatsa Matzo?

Image from Black Table, a matzo ball soup guaranteed to make the "bubbes kvell and the shiksas plotz".

Quickie today- on my way out.

You may have been reading about the Big Taliban on Campus at Yale. If not, juicy and comprehensive background here.

Sure, he left behind his wife and 4 or 5 children in Afghanistan and we haven't heard boo about how they're doing. Sure, there might be other entrants with more than a fourth-grade education and high school equivalency who've actually taken the SATs. (I don't begrudge the talented if their unconventional CVs don't measure up, but they eventually ought to prove their intellectual fitness somewhere measurable.) Sure, there were doubtless other eager candidates who were not endorsed, traveling spokesmen for a female-stoning-and-finger-chopping and suicide-inducing/gay-crushing/Buddha-destroying regime of regressive sadists, but what's a little unrepentance and ongoing apologetics between friends. 2 things I find interesting:

- SNL hasn't done a skit on it yet, and I hope they don't puss out on the glorious opportunity. Horatio, I'm already hearing your lousy MidEast accent in my heart.

- Rahmatullah now especially likes to eat at the Jewish Center, an edifice that under Taliban rule would be a smoking crater posthaste.

Further reading this about how various prison gangs like NeoNazis are openly scamming as orthodox Jews for Kosher mealtimes, there's only one conclusion possible:

Whether you're a medieval fascist or modern-style hater, you still gotta bow down to the mad skills of the Jewish nanas poultrywise. Matzo ball or noodles?

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