Thursday, March 30, 2006

I'm Working on It, AL !

Via Tim Worstall, make your own inspiration here.

I'm still horribly crabby for a soul with few lasting troubles. Taxes were bad, but not nearly as bad as they could've been. I won't have to prostitute the puppies to perverts. Count that in the Win column.

This morning, however, I spent longer than it took to file the taxes getting the wireless internet back up. My connection sees new connections, gets confused and crowded out. It's always fulfilling to thrash for hours just to get yourself back to where you were at bedtime yesterday. However, in a high-density rental building in a go-go town, one lives in constant, interdependent flux. Enough with cross-planet butterfly monsoons, when someone moves a coffee cup, my apartment explodes. Vigilant repairing and rejiggering is the unceasing adaptation required of hive-dwellers. Did I mention the ongoing pounding of the hammers overhead and the early morning hissing?

Here's some stuff. I'm still unloading some accumulated links You'll be interested or entertained by something. Probably.

1) How the exposure of Preble's not rare or unique mouse got one Rob Roy tossed as a museum curator, inhibits property owners, shuttered small businesses, and costs the state of Colorado millions in building tunnels so the little dears don't have to scurry around ponds, all of which makes people resistant to protecting truly endangered species.

2) To be a good ghostwriter, one must be as intimate as a confessor and as wary as a PR flak.

3) Could a heart transplant from a talented artist change the recipient's clumsy stick figures to skillful draftsmanship?

4) Australian thieves steal crocodile, because the koala was too vicious.

5) Via the Scrivener, insane Connecticut cat under house arrest.

6) This link will let you choreograph your own Dancing Doughboy. Robot and Running Man Lovin' from the Oven.

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