Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Three Miss Marples Comically Juggle India and Nigeria

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Re: Jury duty. Best possible outcome for my current circumstances. I got into a voir dire situation for a civil case I really can't be impartial about given my past employment and personal background. After explaining to judge and counsel, they sent me back to the jury pool only to find happily they were setting us all free after one day- not three- since there weren't any other new trials beginning this week. The NY state practice is three days or one trial- whichever's longer- then you're immune for 6 years. Since I only did one day, I got a letter to spare me for two years. That's enough time to get today's important to-do's done. So there.

1) Many people prefer Joan Hickson as Miss Marple to the newest Geraldine McEwan version. I like them both for different reasons. Hickson was stolid and very authentically ancient, but I remember her with an occasional sleepiness that sometimes lost me. She was even older than Agatha Christie's Miss M when some of them were made, and according to stories, was tapped as a younger actress by Christie herself as a perfect future Miss M. Geraldine McEwan is, no doubt, spryer than some would like for the role. They keep her slightly more contemporary in appearance than some would like, I'm also sure. The conversion of characters' genders and predilections to please current appetites as well as the backstory of Jane as WWI adulteress is awkward. However, the settings are gorgeously depicted, and there remains a beauty and charm despite the "updates." I even find McEwan's lively, somewhat mischevious intelligence to be an aspect I'm enjoying. Of course, for some, only Margaret Rutherford will do. And you may now have her as well.

2) Why does India still love P.G. Wodehouse, even after so many of Wodehouse's countrymen have moved on?

3) Roger Kimball's idea of the best five comic novels.

4) We've gotten past this month's lunar eclipse, but a solar eclipse is coming March 29th which will appear total in six states of Nigeria. During such events previously, Nigeria has had problems with people rioting and blaming evil actors for the event. The government is taking preemptive action this time to make sure citizens understand what's coming and not to panic when the sun disappears.

5) Via Bonnie, in this video clip Chris Bliss juggles in fascinating choreography to the Beatles. Launch it, get the gist, then go to the last 2 1/2 minutes for max boffo.

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