Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Latest Book Review and Other Linkage

When I think links, I think pork. I wants me this Loosiana Porkpie. See Hats of Meat photo gallery.

1) My latest book review, for Charlie Huston's Caught Stealing, is probably posted over at Mystery BookSpot, although major site revamping is underway which may cause hiccups. It will eventually show up as a link on the front page, too, but you can easily search by author, title, or Henway (associate reviewer) to find it right away if you're crawling out of your skin in anticipation.

At NY Comic-Con, which Huston attended in support of the Marvel comic series Moon Knight he's also writing, I asked him which novel he wanted me to read and review for Bookspot. His first was the one he chose. I hope that doesn't mean he's slacking, because my next read from him will be his latest, a vampire P.I. series debut. I'll finish that one off right before I buttonhole him for a Bookspot interview that will-no doubt-help him elucidate the overlapping themes and intentions of his genre-straddling to our eager readership. Fair warning, Huston, get all charming and voluble.

2) And you'll have to read my review, if you want to know how it relates to this surreal musical produced by a North Korean who funded it using his left kidney as collateral with a loan shark.

3) Of course, via the apostropher, my new review has nothing to do with the most unexpected-looking twins since Schwarzenegger and DeVito.

4) Nor with James Patterson, who Time reports is unrepentantly content as a clockwork machine of commercial fiction collaboration. I envy more than judge, JP.

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