Friday, February 24, 2006

Waterboy Inspires Me To Diligence

Click to enlarge the weirdness.
Perhaps not your first thought, but this art piece is called Temple of Waterboy, a self contained liquid-suspension environment. See the rest of the crazy pics, and buy your own unit here.

If I want to become my own hero, I've got to spend some time this afternoon producing novelized squiggles. So, I briefly leave you with this slightly Waterboy-sounding, feel-good story.

In this real-life tale, an autistic and not-tall high-schooler had settled for serving diligently as team manager for the varsity basketball team rather than playing...until their last game of the season. Having a comfortable lead, the coach let him suit up and hit the court. In Jason McElwain's debut on the hardwood, he whiffed his first couple shots and then scored 20 points in the next 4 minutes, including six 3-pointers. Tremble, Kobe! You're en fuego, J-Mac! I hope the movie-of-the-week deal pays for your college.

Tomorrow, with some of the crew from BookSpot, I'll be attending the first annual New York Comic Convention. Since those guys have actual press passes, they've been contacted by such a motley crew of presenters and attendees offering interviews that I'm very encouraged the whole scene will be a mirthful panoply of cool art and freaks. I will report. I'll even bring a camera.

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Esbiem said...

I must confess that I don't understand this contraption at all. It looks like a great way to off one's self, and in tandim with a significant other to boot. The only brightboy in the waterboy crowd was wearing a pocket knife around his neck, just in case, I suppose.