Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Fashion Week: Top Line Post

UPDATE: My feverish croaking self will be hoisted to fly upon the big iron to infect the rest of the passengers and crew. I hope to post while away, but I now know that technical difficulties abound when I'm traveling that can make pithy commentary rough going. I'm going to blot my sweat with my flannel PJs and have a shower. May you all have a glowingly healthy, lovely weekend.

I've felt a bit embarrassed about my craptastic coverage of Fashion Week shenanigans to date, and therefore, decided to incinerate my already flayed retinas to offer opinions, to discuss, to make assertions of judgement from outside the tent. I realize I'm judging from photos, and they don't reveal the same things as seeing it all in motion, but I must do what I can.

All my pictures come from New York Magazine's splendid slideshows, launch pad here. Look for yourself, and subscribe of course. I seek merely to augment, not replace. Applicable posts will start with FW: and go by designers. Only my thoughts. Worth what you'll have to pay.

I care about actual wearability, since this is supposed to be ready-to wear after all. I care about anchors of fit and proportion and the mood something evokes.

I'll highlight in individual posts the trends that crossed collections which worry me. So far:
Urban Dominatrix
Robin Hood
Blousy Eggplant Shapes
Transparent dresses layered with bodysuits and leggings
Preppy with a Twist
The Slattern

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