Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pix from NY Comic-Con: Group 2

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Row 1.
1) This is one of the not-for sale figures from the MOCCA (Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art)restrospective of Spawn's famous artist-creator, Todd McFarlane. MOCCA displayed some pieces from the show at NY Comic-Con. Spawn.com actually has a cool mini-exhibit of the retrospective with audio tracks by McFarlane.
2) This was another display of manga princesses. Notice the gravity-defying bust on the right.

Row 2.
1 ) Autographs are big business. Whether artists, porn stars, or Peter Scolari, all kinds of people were there selling photos and their signatures. There was a long line for this bald giant, a former 3rd-grade teacher who's wrestled as Diesel 2, Kane, Unibomb, and Dr. Isaac Yankem, though he's probably better known to his accountant as Glen. He was there in support of his soon-to-be-released horror flick whose working title Eye Scream Man I prefer to See No Evil which is how you'll find it at your local multiplex in May.
2) As I noted in my Group 1 post, the hyper-congested comic images (and walkways) made it tough for individual visual statements to jump out at me as special. Therefore, it was not just about my fanatical affection for almost anything toasted, but I was attracted to the visual simplicity of Mr. Toast in Outer Space. And then, while getting the blog links for my FantasyBookspot article about getting published that the bringer-of-dragons-to-the-Napoleonic-era Naomi Novik paneled, I got a kick from discovering that she picked up a Mr. Toast herself. Dan Goodsell, the creator of The Imaginary World which includes Mr. Toast also has a blog where he talks about the show.

Row 3
1) Perhaps because it was hanging from the ceiling unobstructed and large enough that I could really see the details, these were my favorite character images as art. I looked around, but I'm still not sure where they're from or who made them. As I said, I'm an ignoramus. Please feel invited to enlighten me.

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