Tuesday, February 07, 2006

FW: Nicole Miller and John Batlett

Nicole Miller's patterns were, I'm sure, carefully chosen and placed, but I felt they were overwhelming the models and that there was just too much fabric sometimes. This is a version of the eggplant shape blousing over toothpick legs that many collections had (top left). Real waists were camoflaged behind blousing and puffing (some even showed muttonchop sleeves!) that recall the horrific ass-wrapped dresses of the eighties. I preferred NM's longer dresses in the crinkled material just because of the fit. A dress that struck me as idiosyncratic considering the rest of the garments was the buff-draped gown (top right), and the less exaggerated dropped waist and bloused front actually worked for me.

Nicole Miller made her own addition to the Robin Hood genre (bottom left) as did John Bartlett (bottom right). For the rest of Bartlett's show, there was a blog review which I can't find now- please send link if you know- that described it as mostly Abercrombie on the farm. Or traveling salesman comes to farmhouse, something.

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