Tuesday, February 07, 2006

FW: Jasmin Shokrian and LaCoste and Oakley

These were mostly a wash for me, exemplifying trends I know I'll see later, but won't be wearing or enjoying. Full shows here.

Jasmin Shokrian (top left) takes the title for Slatternly dressing. I could practically smell the stale gin and imagine the unmade beds.

LaCoste (top right) deserves credit for not toadying to the metallic brown/black palette, but there is such a thing as going too far. I preferred when they showed just peeks of color. This is Preppy with a Twist, complete with clunky boots and ducky shoes. The festooning of swinging lanyards for camp counselor chic looked designed to choke the wearers after getting caught in subway doors.

Oakley (bottom right) deserves mention only in its adherence to the Urban Dominatrix theme.

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Anonymous said...

jasmin shokrian is a talented designer, what have you done for me, lately?