Monday, February 06, 2006

FW: United Bamboo and Baby Phat and Keanan Duffty

So far, these win my prize for least serious collections.
Baby Phat (upper left) is not only silly, but unwearable, and made me feel a little sorry for the grimacing models make to look so unappealing in such overpriced bleck. The pieces all feel derivative of something more refined and interesting, and seem as poorly fit as assembled into ensembles.

United Bamboo (center) was mostly intent on showing the worst hairstyles, most disadvantageous to the natural shape and size of each model's head. When not ridiculous, the clothes looked low-rent.

But perhaps the king of the found objects was rocker-beloved Keanan Duffty (upper right) who had T-shirts made at CafePress and stole coats off homeless dudes. I do think it's nice if it looks like you couldn't have salvaged the outfits yourself, created the fabric effects in your own bathtub, or crafted them without fingers or eyes. However, he earns extra cool points for honing in on the urban dominatrix trend, which along with the slattern and Robin Hood looks was a prevalent spice in the stew. See whole shows for gawking purposes only.

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