Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Kind of Thing I Should Jettison

UPDATE: Thanks to the always interesting Apostropher for linking to this image as an exemplar of poor critical judgement vis-a-vis Mardi Gras resplendence.

I'm still getting myself together. Being unintentionally released from my usual routine has me questioning which parts of it I want to keep. Belated New Year's Resolving. I'd like 2006 to be a year of writerly productivity. More stuff written means more stuff to potentially sell, and that's my chief concern. To mix metaphors shamefully, I've almost got my life boiled down to a few potatoes, all orbiting the galaxy of my fondest ambitions. Now, I've got to decide how best to spend my time. There are things that relate to my hopes which still don't edify me much. Things that waste my time. Things that bum me out. I'm considering jettisioning that clutter. While I ruminate, look at this horrific picture of gals at Mardi Gras sent to me by Belle Noelle and think what you will.

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Henri-V said...

I can't look away.