Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sometimes the Stars Align and the Book Stinks

What does an offended mime have to do with brand strategy? You'll have to ask David J. Lorenzo.

Earlier today, I wrote a post (and a nifty poll, so go vote) about not finishing books I start reading and how many I tackle at a time for the MetaxuCafe discussion forums, home page here.

Then idly surfing later, I discovered more synchonistic blogging today on the very same subject.

Grumpy Old Bookman just abandoned the huge sellers The Historian and Fleshmarket Close.

Books Are My Only Friends seems to be channeling Morrissey, and has put aside 275 tomes that didn't make the cut.

This led me to further investigation and a two-week old post from MamasInk who names names about the ones she couldn't stomach finishing.

I've just started documenting the books I've read this year as well as ones I want to read someday. I'm now also inspired by these other posts to make a list of the ones I've disdained and why, so I don't get snookered by my faulty memory into having to face them again. Ugh.

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