Sunday, January 08, 2006

Forgotten Until Just Now

See Addams Foundation for stuff to support cartooning programs for kids.

A few days ago, we lost the uniformly considered velvet-voiced Lou Rawls and the brush-lipped Michael Vale.

Yesterday, in 1610, Galileo Galilei sighted four of Jupiter's moons and called them Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. That darned guy. I'm going to cut a BLT sandwich into quarters and name each segment after a moon. Perhaps I can do better applying the names to my hands and feet or even my nipples of which I also have four.

Yesterday in 1912 was also the birthday of cartoonist Charles Addams, the creator of the Addams Family. In his h2g2 entry, it reads:

"...But it's the truly unsettling images that really stick in the mind: a fakir doing the Indian rope trick so he can hang himself; the children stoking up the roaring fire in the hearth in preparation for the arrival of Santa Claus; the sight of abandoned unicorns watching Noah's Ark disappear into the distance; Bo Peep finding a ransom note for her missing sheep; and the recurring themes of cannibalism and spousal murder."

Here's to that wacked out, imaginative artist who collected wives, implements of torture, and fast cars.

Now, having caught up on older news, I may look forward with lightness of spirit.

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Esbiem said...

Charles Adams' contributions, along with Gaham Wilson and many of their contemporaries as well, is what made The New Yorker so enjoyable for me as a child and as a child at heart still. Forget the rag's sophisticated writing with expletives and soft porn titillations; it's the cartoons that hold the enterprise together.